Child Care Emergency

Pediatric emergency is located at one far end of the hospital and is open 24/7 for children under 14 years of age.

A physician (special assistant student) is a resident in the emergency ward.


Patients with all the following pediatric diseases are admitted:

Infectious diseases (fever, urinary tract infections, lung infections, intestinal infections, etc.), digestive diseases, poisoning (swallowing medicines - detergents - poisons, etc.) and insect bites and...


Measures taken at this center include:

Endoscopy, serum therapy, performing various types of injections - gastric lavage - inserting the urinary catheter - secretion suction - Electrocardiography (ECG) - blood transfusion - cold and hot intake - prescribing medicine or benolyser - oxygen therapy - controlling blood glucose with a glucometer

Thalassemia and Hemophilia:

The thalassemia department is adjacent to the emergency and provides services to patients with thalassemia in Semnan and the suburbs. The services provided to thalassemic patients in this center include:

1. Blood transfusion

2. Injection of Deferasirox (Desferal)

3. Performing periodic tests (it is referred to Tehran if  specialized)

4. Echocardiography in the clinic


Services provided to hemophiliac patients include:

1. Injection of coagulation factors

2. Injection of blood products including Cryo and FFP

3. Providing Physiotherapy Services


Chemotherapy department is located next to this ward and is ready to provide services to children who need chemotherapy and do not need to be hospitalized.