Childbirth Block


The number of specialized doctors in this block is 7.


- Dr. Mojgan Rahmanian (Ward Manager): Gynecologist

- Dr. Nahid Rahbar: Gynecologist

- Dr. Shahrzad Agha Amoo: Gynecologist

- Dr. Sanam Moradan: Gynecologist

- Dr. Azam Azargoon: Gynecologist and Fertility Fellowship

- Dr. Elham Safarieh: Gynecologist

- Dr. Najmeh Faez: Gynecologist


The number of residents of this center is 10.


Midwife responsible for childbirth block: Ms. Fatemeh Arjomandzadeh


The midwives of this center are 14 people who has completed midwifery bachelor's degree.


The block is active 24/7 and ready for admission to pregnant mothers, high risk mothers, women with childbirth problems, pre and postpartum counseling, and control of pregnant mothers.




- Painless delivery by using pharmaceutical and inhalable gases

- Water Birth

- Physiological delivery

In this block, women pregnant over 20 weeks are enrolled in pre-natal pre-nursing classes and mothers can take training midwives as midwives during childbirth.