Neonatal ward

The neonatal ward of the Amir al-Momenin (AS) Educational, Research and Medical Center is one of the most important wards of the hospital for the treatment of newborns up to the age of 28 days, which has 10 beds.

Patients in this section include infants with the following conditions:

Babies who are out of critical condition and discharged from the NICU.

Babies who need phototherapy.

Babies who need to gain weight.

Babies whose mothers are hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

Newborn babies are released who need care and treatment

In this section, in addition to all the care according to the doctor's order and nursing diagnoses, the necessary training is given to mothers, the most important of which are the following:

Exclusive breastfeeding training

Neonatal General Care Training

Effective mother-infant relationship

Baby care environment

Infection control

Possible problems after discharge

Babies are delivered to the family after a partial recovery.

Parents can receive information over the phone if there are any problems with the care of the baby.