Obstetrics Surgery


   The Obstetrics Surgery Ward at Amir-al-Momenin Medical Center, ready to serve patients with 22 active beds. The professional staff at this ward has done honest service to patients. In this ward, 9 specialists and 17 Obstetrics and gynecology assistants are ready to serve patients.




1- Dr Azam Azargoon (Infertility Fellowship)

2 - Dr. Nahid Rahbar

3- Dr. Najmeh Faez

4 - Dr. Sanam Moradan

5. Dr. Mojgan Rahmanian

6. Dr. Shahrzad Agha Amoo

7. Dr. Elham Safarieh

8- Dr. A'rabian

9- Dr. Darzi

In this ward, patients are hospitalized according to the diagnoses approved by the Obstetrics and gynaecology ward


These diagnoses include:


1-Cesarean section            

2-Hysterectomy (uterus removal)     

3-Laparotomy (Abdominal opening)   

4. Rectocele cystoceles (repair of bladder dyspnea) 

5. Diagnostic curettage         



8- Cotrusion

9-Tubo Plasty (opening uterine tubes)

10-Pelvic infections

11. Tubectomy (closure of the uterine tubes)

12. Abnormal bleeding

13-cell toluene


15-Surgical infection


Features and Equipments


    This ward is equipped with nine active rooms to hospitalize patients. All rooms are equipped with refrigerators and folding beds for patients' companies’ convenience and a separate restroom and a ventilation system (heating and cooling).

   All rooms are equipped with central suction and oxygen, as well.


Common diseases include:


1-cesarean section


3-Rectosal Cystocell

4. Diagnostic curettage

5. Pelvic infections




   All patients are admitted directly from the office and also indirectly from the women's clinic.


   All the follow-up steps are followed by ready-made services (advice) after discharge. The ward provides discharged respectful patients with hospital and ward telephone numbers to call in case of abnormal incidents (such as fever, abnormal discharge, hypertension, etc.) to benefit from advisory services.