Operating Room


The operating room of Amir-al-Momenin Hospital in Semnan includes two active women's surgery rooms, an extra room, a recovery room and a waiting room. The experienced staff of the operating room is working hard to the complete satisfaction of patients.


In this section, six gynecologists along with 13 assistants are ready to provide service.




1- Dr Azam Azargoon (Infertility Fellowship)

2 - Dr. Nahid Rahbar

3- Dr. Najmeh Faez

4- Dr. Sanam Moradan

5. Dr. Mojgan Rahmanian

6. Dr. Shahrzad Agha Amoo

7. Dr. Elham Safarieh

8- Dr. A'rabian

9- Dr. Darzi


*All surgical procedures are carried out in the Operating Room.