Admission procedure of patients in Amir-al-Momenin (AS) Medical Center


A: Procedures of the admitting patients who are referred from the clinic or doctor's office:

-The patients or their companion should refer to hospital reception unit for the hospitalization

-Registering the patient's information, getting consent from the patient or his companion, issuing the companion card if desired, and organizing patient’s file

- Going to cash for in part payment

-patients will be referred to the relevant department with their documents


The process:


-Determine the room and bed of the patient in the hospital

-The patient's transfer devices are provided in the emergency rooms (wheelchairs - stretchers)


B: Admission of patients referred to the emergency of the hospital:

-Getting hospitalization permit from the physician in the emergency

-Referring to emergency admission for completing the patient case and getting consents from the patient or his companion.

-Patient's guidance to the emergency for temporary admission to the emergency room and, if necessary, transfer to the relevant department and continue treatment.


Documents Required for Patient Admission:

- Hospitalization order from a physician

-Having a valid identification document to complete the patient's identity information in the application form and file the case

-For patients in the maternity ward, a valid identification for patients is necessary.

Visitor’s Guide for Admission:

1. In order to improve the admission process in making a hospital application, please cooperate with the receptionist to provide accurate information to enter the system.

2. After determining the room and bed, if you see any deficiency or problem, please notify the head nurse in order to resolve it as soon as possible.

3. For personal health and not to annoy other patients, please cooperate with the personnel in changing the clothes and bedclothes, as well as observing personal hygiene (bathing, washing hands, brushing, etc.).

4. In order to ensure the proper health and control of infection in the hospital environment, use disposable caps and gown for transferring into the surgery room.

5. Patient and the companion are responsible for their own property and equipment and the hospital has no responsibility in this regard.

6. For the hospital's taxi service, dial 204.

7. There are public telephone booths in the hospital's yard free-of-charge for Semnan area.

8. Please obey all the rules and regulations of the hospital during your hospitalization time.


C: Admission of patients:

Admission of patients is done in any time in mornings and afternoons so that patients are admitted and their identity is registered in the computer.


D: Polyclinic admission:

On a daily and walk-in basis, patients are admitted to visit specialist physicians. For more information, please call on the following numbers:

+98 (0) 23 33460055

+98 (0) 23 33460066