Pediatric Ward


- Patients are admitted to the pediatric ward from 31 days to 14 years of age.

- The ward has 21 active beds and an isolation room.

- Isolated room: This room is located at one end of the ward and has a patient bed and one bed for the patient's company with seating and TV and separate hygiene restrooms.

-Treatment Room: Treatments such as LP-BM-dressing and, if needed, CPR are performed in the treatment rooms.

- Injection/drug room: Sampling and taking IV and preparation of medications are carried out.

- Playground: The playground is located in the backyard. The rugged playroom also has washable toys, story books and painting equipments.

- Rooms and walls: Walls are painted according to the age of the children. Colorful curtains are also installed in the rooms.


All the rooms in this ward are equipped with ventilation system, Heating/Cooling System, Suction & Oxygen, TV, refrigerator, chairs, child-safe electrical switch and outlet, and separate restrooms.



 Drug Nebulizer, Cold and Incinerator, Pulse Oximeter, Electro Shock, Serum Infusion Pump, Glucometer, Suction and Central and portable Oxygen, Baby & Adult Weights, Radiation Dispenser for Room sterilization, Chemotherapy Hood

Sterile Sets (Bandage, BM-Lp Needle, Liver Biopsy Needle)

Examination devices (otoscope, flashlight, earphone, ophthalmoscope, pressure gauge device in different sizes)




Pediatrician: Dr. Nandari Eram - Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Yazdiha

Pediatric Cardiologist: Dr. Mohammad Nasir Hemmatian

Neonatalogists: Dr. Navid Danaie - Dr. Shamsollah Noori Pour

Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist: Dr. Morteza Rezaei

Pediatric Nephrologist: Dr. Mojgan Mazaheri

Pediatric Oncologist: Dr. Doctor Tasbihi

Pediatric Gastroenterologist: Dr. Pantea Tajik

Pediatric Allergies and Asthma Specialist: Dr. Behrang Taghvaie

Endocrinologist: Dr. Tajmanesh

*Residents of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year are on call 24/7.


Common Procedures


- Direct patient admission from children emergency department

- Direct patient admission from physicians’ offices

- Caring and providing all services to children and infants

- Providing care and support training to patients' companies during hospitalization and discharge.

- Providing educational pamphlets to patients' companies

- Providing breastfeeding to mothers if needed

It should be noted that in pediatric ward since August 2013, all activities related to children chemotherapy are carried out with the presence of an oncologist. At present, children chemotherapy is carried out in separate rooms at one end of the ward.


Common Pediatric Diseases


FC, AOM, UTI, GE, pneumonia, croup, favism, gastrointestinal and liver disorders, Bronchiolitis, infectious diseases, seizure, cardiovascular diseases.